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Richard-Sebastian Moeller, Hermann NirschlAdhesion and cleanability of surfaces in the baker's trade2017Journal of Food Engineering194 Link 99-108English
Adhesion and Failure Pattern of Optical Coatings on Polymers and Glass J. Baier, U. Beck, G. Hidde, S. Hielscher, R. MixAdhesion and Failure Pattern of Optical Coatings on Polymers and Glass2015Lecture Link 1-23English
Richard-Sebastian Moeller, Hermann NirschlAdhesion forces of wheat flour particles2015International Workshop Dispersion Analysis & Materials Testing 2015Abstracts Link 1English
Henrik BehmAdhesion of PECVD thin films on polypropylene2015International Workshop Dispersion Analysis & Materials Testing 2015Abstract Link 1English
C.Hoppe, F.Mitschker, P.Awakowicz, D.Kirchheim, R.Dahlmann, los Arcos, G.GrundmeierAdhesion of plasma-deposited silicon oxide barrier layers on PDMS containing polypropylene2018Surface and Coatings Technology335 Link 25-31English
托马斯·托马斯 卢茨·布兰特 卢茨·斯坦普 汉斯-于尔根·施莱尔Adhesion promoter for metal surface of the substrate2011CN104302809B CN GrantPatent Link Chinese
Thomas Thomas, Lutz Brandt, Lutz Stamp, Hans - Jürgen SchreierADHESION PROMOTING AGENTS FOR METALLIZATION OF SUBSTRATE SURFACES2018United States PatentUS9920432 B2 Link 1-33English
U. BeckAdhesive and Bonding Strength – Comparative Study, Conventional Tests vs. Centrifuge Technology2013International Workshop Dispersion Analysis 2013 Link English
H. Leicht, L. Orf, J. Hesselbach, E. Kraus, B. Baudrit, T. Hochrein, M. BastianAdhesive bonding of 3D-printed plastic components2019 July 2019 Link 1-22English
Evonik IndustriesAditivos para Formulaciones con Plaguicidas2013online01/2013 Inv.-Nr.: 06-13 Link 1-24Spanish
Evonik IndustriesAditivos para Formulações Agroquímicas2013Brochure01/2013 Inv.-Nr.: 08-13 Link 24Portuguese
Fox; Christopher; Reed; Steven G.; Baldwin; Susan; Vedvick; ThomasADJUVANT FORMULATIONS COMPRISING TLR4 AGONISTS AND METHODS OF USING THE SAME2015United States Patent Application20150017191 A1 Link English
Simona SchwarzAdsoprtions- und Flockungsverhalten von Modellpolykationen in geladenen kolloiddispersen Systemen2018Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e.V. Link 1-2German
Maria Schäfer, Urs A. PeukerAdsorbent Particles Synthesis by Mini-Emulsion-Polymerization2010Partec 2010, Poster 36 1English
Anders von HomeyerAdsorptions- und Flockungsverhalten von synthetischen und modifizierten nativen Polyelektrolyten bei der mechanischen Fest/Flüssigtrennung von techni1999Universität Hamburg, Fachbereich Chemie, Dissertation 1-12German
B.Neckebroeck, S.H.E.Verkempinck, G.VaesK.Wouters, J.Magnée, M.E.Hendrick, A.M.Van LoeyAdvanced insight into the emulsifying and emulsion stabilizing capacity of carrot pectin subdomains2020Food Hydrocolloids102 Link 105594English
Pelagia GlampedakiADVANCED MICROGEL-FUNCTIONALIZED POLYESTER TEXTILES ADAPTIVE TO AMBIENT CONDITIONS2011PhD Thesis University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands 1-181English
Pelagia GlampedakiAdvanced Polyester Textiles Adaptive to Ambient Conditions2017Advances in Science and Technology100 Link 17-26English
Giulia GhenoAdvanced polymeric and nanostructured coatings for CulturalHeritage conservation and restoration2017Dottorato di ricerca in chimica Link 1-140English
Leander ReinertAdvanced self-lubricating surfaces based on carbon nanoparticles2018Dissertation Link 1-321English

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Michael Juhnke, Jörg Berghausen, Carsten TimpeAccelerated Formulation Development for Nanomilled Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Using a Screening Approach2010Chem. Eng. Technol.33 1-8English
LUMAccelerated stability and quality testing2009LUM Application note Paint products3 1-4English
LUMAdhäsionsanalysator LUMiFrac® (Brochure) - CAT Technologie: Der neue Standard in der Klebfestigkeitsprüfung.2015LUM10/2015 1-4German
LUMAdhesion Analyser LUMiFrac® (Brochure) - The New Standard in Adhesion and Cohesion Testing.2015LUM09/2015 1-4English
LUMAnalysenbeispiele für Milch und Milchprodukte, Joghurt, Quark, Molkegetränke, Sahneliköre2009LUM Applikationsüberblick2 1-2German
LUMAnalysenbeispiele für Pharmazeutische Produkte, Emulsionen, Salben, Magnetische Targets2009LUM Applikationsüberblick2 1-2German
LUMAnalyseur de dispersion LUMiSizer (Brochure) - L’analyseur de dispersion tout-en-un.2015LUM11/2015 1-6French
LUMAnalyseur d‘adhésion LUMiFrac® (Brochure) - Le nouveau standard pour les essais d’adhésion et de cohésion.2014LUM10/2014 1-4French
LUMAnalysis of milk and diary products, yogurt, curd, whey drinks, cream liquors2009LUM Application overview2 1-2English
LUMComparison of Physiological and Pathological blood standards (a) Accelerated phase separation by application of an Enhanced Settling Method (b)2008LUM Application note Settling behaviour of reference materials for red blood cells (RBC)2 1-3English
LUMDetermination of particle density of polystyrene2008LUM Application note Separation technique2 1-3English
LUMDispersion Analyser LUMiSizer (Brochure)2015LUM07/2015 1-6English
LUMDispersionsanalysator LUMiSizer (Prospekt)2015LUM05/2015 1-6German
LUMEntmischungsstabilität von Diamantdispersionen - Qualitätskontrolle von Poliermedien für spezielle Oberflächen2009LUM Applikationsschrift Diamantdispersionen für CMP2 1-3German
LUMEntmischungstester LUMiCheck (Prospekt)2008LUM08 1-2German
Kelvyn Baruc Sánchez-Sánchez, Eusebio Bolaños-ReynosoESTUDIO DE TECNICAS DE MEDICION DE DTC A TRAVÉS DE ADQUISICION DE IMÁGENES Y VELOCIDAD DE SEDIMENTACIÓN2017Memorias del XXXVIII Encuentro Nacional de la AMIDIQConference Paper 1-7Spanish
LUMFast stability ranking and influence of emulsion preparation2007LUM Application note Stability of lubricants for cold rolling oil technology8 1-2English
LUMFast stability ranking of whey drinks2009LUM Application note3 1-2English
LUMGeschwindigkeitsverteilung von Molkegetränken - Partikelgrössenverteilung nach ISO 133182009LUM Applikationsschrift3 1-2German
LUMInfluence of stabilisers on cement demixing2008LUM Application note Cement2 1-2English
Ravi Sharma, Lukasz GRZYBECK, Siv K. HowardLow solids oil based well fluid with particle-stabilized emulsion2017WO2017058492A1 Patent application English
LUMLUM-The Next Step in Dispersion Analysis & Materials Testing (Full Catalogue)2015LUM04/2015 1-69English
LUMLUM-The Next Step in Dispersion Analysis & Materials Testing - Analytical instruments for the entire life cycle of materials (Small Catalogue)2015LUM10/2015 1-16English
LUMLUMiReader® X-RAY - illuminating even the most concentrated emulsions & suspensions (Flyer)2015LUM05/2015 1-2English
LUMLUMiReader® X-RAY -Durchleuchtet selbst hochkonzentrierte Dispersionen und Emulsionen. (Flyer)2015LUM12/2015 1-2English
LUMMulti-Wavelength Separation Analyser LUMiReader® PSA - Going places the naked eye never could. (Brochure)2015LUM05/2015 1-2English
LUMMulti-Wavelength Separation Analyser LUMiReader® PSA 452- Going places the naked eye never could. Designed by Colani2020LUM2020 1-8English
LUMOptimization of deagglomeration of pigment particles2009LUM Application note Paint products3 1-3English
LUMParticle Size Distribution according to ISO 13318-1 and ISO 13318-22007LUM Application note Lithium Manganese Phosphate8 1-2English
LUMParticle Size Distribution according to ISO 13318-1 and ISO 13318-2 - Correlation between specific surface area and PSD2007LUM Application note Silicon Carbide Powders7 1-2English
LUMParticle size distribution of Carbon Nanotubes according to ISO 13318-1 and ISO 13318-22009LUM Application note2 1-2English
LUMParticle size distribution of Cellulose dispersions according to ISO 13318-1 and ISO 13318-22007LUM Application note Cellulose Dispersions - Pulp and Paper7 1-2English
LUMParticle size distribution of diamond dispersions according to ISO 13318 - Quality control of polishing media2009LUM Application note Diamond Dispersions for CMP2 1-2English
LUMPartikelgrößenverteilung von Diamantsuspensionen nach ISO 13318 - Qualitätskontrolle von Poliermedien für spezielle Oberflächen2009LUM Applikationsschrift Diamantdispersionen für CMP2 1-2German
LUMPartikelgrößenverteilung von Zellulosedispersionen nach ISO 13318-1 und ISO 13318-22007LUM Applikationsschrift Zellulosedispersionen-Papier7 1-2German
LUMSchnelles Stabilitätsranking von Molkegetränken2009LUM Applikationsschrift3 1-2German
LUMSedimentation behaviour of Cellulose dispersions - Influence of particle particle interactions2007LUM Application note Cellulose Dispersions - Pulp and Paper7 1-2English
LUMSedimentationsverhalten von Zellulosedispersionen - Einfluß der Partikel-Partikelwechselwirkungen2007LUM Applikationsschrift Zellulosedispersionen - Papier7 1-2German
LUMSeparationsanalysator LUMiReader (Prospekt)2008LUM03 1-2German
LUMStabilitätsanalysator LUMiFuge (Prospekt)2015LUM05/2015 1-6German
LUMStability Analyser LUMiFuge (Brochure)2015LUM05/2015 1-6English
LUMStability Analysis of Magnetic Composite Particle Dispersions2008LUM Application note Magnetic particle dispersions2 1-2English
LUMStability Analysis of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Dispersions2009LUM Application note2 1-2English
LUMStability of diamond dispersions - Quality control of polishing media2009LUM Application note Diamond Dispersions for CMP2 1-3English
ZHOU Sen, CHEN Jie, HE Zhi-yong, ZENG Mao-mao, GAO Da-ming, QIN Fang 周森,陈洁,何志勇,曾茂茂,高大明,秦 昉Study on the interaction between Soluble Soybean Polysaccharides and milk protein 可溶性大豆多糖与乳蛋白的相互作用研究#2019 1-10Chinese
Jonathan J.O'Sullivan, Kamil P.Drapala, Alan L.Kelly, James A.O'MahonyThe use of inline high-shear rotor-stator mixing for preparation of high-solids milk protein-stabilised oil-in-water emulsions with different protein:fat ratios2018Journal of Food Engineering222 218-225English
LUMVelocity distribution of whey drinks - particle size distribution according to ISO 133182009LUM Application note3 1-2English
LUMYogurt Stability - Sedimentation Analysis2009LUM Application note3 1-3English